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Color Theory Certification

Knowing the science of color theory is essential to succeed as a makeup artist. Knowing how to identify the differences in people’s undertones and apply makeup properly to warm, cool or neutral undertones is a game changer. Color theory is the foundation to mastering color correction. That's why in this course we explain the science of color theory so you will have a trained eye for any beauty career!

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the color wheel

  • Color temperature

  • Color Saturation

  • Color Harmony

  • Warm, cool, & neutral skin tones

  • How to select the perfect eyeshadow for every client

  • What is color correction

  • How color correction shades are used in makeup

  • How to mix and make colors from scratch

  • What is the gray scale?

  • Creating the perfect grey look

  • Full Face Color Theory Makeup Demo

  • Projects that help you master your skill

  • The biggest mistakes artist make in applying color correction 

              **If you apply the skills you learn in this class your artistry skills will be elevated beyond your imagination!**

color theory.png



Total Tuition: $299


  • 6 High Definition Color Corrector Shades

  • Color creator makeup palette

  • Reusable Mixing Palette

  • Makeup Spatula for removing and mixing product

  • 3 disposable makeup sponges 

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