Student Aid & Financing

We have great options available for students:

CBA has partnered with TFC Tuition to offer students financing.

TFC Tuition finances 75% of the total course amount and the other 25% will be due two weeks prior to attending your training. Loan terms are 12-18 months with a maximum student aid interested rate 6%.

EXAMPLE: TFC loan for Course = $3,500 calculates as follows:

–Upfront 25% (Deposit) to be paid prior to attending class= $875

-Remaining balance 75% financed thru TFC tuition= $2,625

-Total interest paid at 6% over 18-month loan

-Monthly payments only $154  


The first payment will be due two weeks prior to attending class online or in person classes and must equal 25% of the course total.  TFC Tuition approvals 24 to 48 hours application has been submitted.  To apply for loan contact us. We will send you an application. Email the completed form to us with your state issued ID attached.  



Send by mail with photo ID to:

Creative Beauty Academy
8801 Sudley Road #1471
Manassas, VA 20110

Option #1

Pay Your Tuition in full and receive 5% off your course (Select Courses and Workshops)

Zero interest for 3-months

Fixed rate 3% for 18-months!


All financial obligations must be fulfilled prior to completing the program. Receiving a certificate of completion; and obtaining clearance to sit for the State Board licensing exam.

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