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Casualty Simulation Arts Course


Our Casualty Simulation Classes in Northern Virginia are the number one preferred course by our armed forces, civilian EMS professionals, and tactical forces, because our instructional videos and tools are a relevant source on the market today for creating a full compliment of highly realistic injury simulations. CBA's In person classes have been held by our staff for over 12 years. Our staffs vast knowledge comes directly from their experience being in the military or military households as they truly understand that simulations should be done, effectively, quickly and with Hi-fidelity. We provide only the highest quality performance products with the most realistic colors and textures for replicating a wide variety of “real to the eye” injury simulations. 

CBA is available to assist you with casualty simulation for your disaster event, from conception to completion. We also do career and technical course for local high schools.

Contact us to discuss your specific exercise needs to receive a quote.

This class is only for our Armed forces, First responders, Tactical Forces, High Schools & College

Tax exemption accepted

Credit: Graftobian

Schedule 2021

February 2021 (Dates TBD)

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Intro to

Casualty Simulation

$499 per person

This course teaches the fundamental building blocks of  casualty simulation also known as moulage. ​


Topics Covered

  • Learn about & use products currently used

  • Safety Tips and Techniques

  • Apply premade appliances

  • Create some effects by hand to make fast medical simulations

  • Discuss a real scenarios 

  • Specialty Product Demos

  • Display Moulage Kits

 Casualty Simulation Molding & Casting

$699 per person

This course teaches the sculpting techniques. Students will be introduced to molding and casting materials.

Topics Covered

  • Create small silicone prosthetics from start to finish.

  • Make custom bones and appliances

  • Create lacerations using wax

  • Live demo of gelatins

  • Create shock with Moulage Makeup

  • Apply Moulage makeup to prosthetics

  • Students will sculpt their own piece

  • Create a mold

  • Learn advanced tips and tricks for fast simulations


Casualty Simulation

$899 per person

This course teaches advanced techniques from master moulage artists. We give you the knowledge and skills you need to create any simulation exercise needed.


Topics Covered

  • Create realistic wounds that can be sutured, triaged and debrided

  • Create Blast Injuries

  • Create soft tissue wounds

  • Make moulage with gels

  • Create trauma wounds

  • Make each stage burn

  • Form burn blisters

  • Create Blast Injuries

  • Make Moulage Sleeves 


Career & Technical Education for Schools

$7999 per person

We have partnered with local medical facilities to give students a health science program with the most realistic moulage experiences ever offered before. As a makeup school we have partnered with local medical facilities to give you hands on training and exposure to lacerations, bruises, shock, open wounds broken bones and more. When your student has completed this course with clinical and theory, they will be able to take a certification exam to become an EMT and start their career in the medical field.


Email us to find out how to get your school program started 

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