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Classic Lash Artist Certification

You can become apart of one of the fastest growing industries as a Lash Artist.

Now is the right time. This industry is exciting and rewarding and has fulfilled so many dreams for people globally. It’s ever-growing, fun, and profitable! The average Lash Artist makes 6 figures a year! If you are serious about If you are serious about taking it to the next level enroll today and learn the skill of becoming a Lash Artist Professional.

Classic Lash Artist 

16 Hours

DAY 1 Schedule- (8 Hours)
Intro to Eyelash Extensions
Science of Eyelashes
Client Consultation- Examining good  Lash candidates

Client Forms
Principles of Lash Design 
Practicing Hands on lash design
Lunch (30 minutes Included Chick-fil-a)


How to remove Eyelash Extensions 

Hands-On Time with models 

Instructor Evaluations- Student feedback- Station clean up 

DAY 2 Schedule- (8 Hours) Advanced Training

Overview of Day 1 

Tips on improving speed

How to safely apply lower lashes to increase revenue!

Set-up and Model Preparation 

Hands-on with Model for the rest of class
Timed Skills Examination and Feedback
Trainer works on Students model for 1 min for student observation

Timing session to improve speed and skill
(30 minutes Included Chick-fil-a)
Learn isolation technique 

How to apply Lower Lashes 

Examination for Certification 





Feb  6,7 9am-5pm

May 1,2 9am-5pm

Aug 7,8 9am-5pm

Nov 6,7 9am-5pm

Model Information

You will need to provide a model for the Lash Certification course. Unlike other companies Creative Beauty Academy does not ask you to be a model for another student. The goal of our training is to teach you the application technique as a lash artist, not a customer. This ensures you get the full benefits for your investments. If you need a model, we can provide one for an additional $100 for both days.

What's in my kit Deluxe Lash Kit?

  • Black Supplies Case 

  • 2 mixed lash trays

  • 2 pairs of straight tweezers for classic or 1 straight and 1 volume tweezer

  • 10 eye pads

  • Micropore Tape

  • 20 Glue Rings

  • 10 Mascara Wands

  • 10 Microfiber Wands

  • 5ml Premium Grade (1-2 Second Dry Glue)

  • Cream Remover

  • Nano Mister

  • Lash Cleanser

  • 5 Pairs of Training Lash Strips

  • Witch Hazel Primer

  • Glue Wipes

  • 4 foam cleaning sponges

  • 7 Lash Mapping Stickers

Price  $1595

 Sale ends January 15th!

Enroll Today!!


In person classes available in Spanish!

lash kit.png


$350 Value FREE!

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